Monday, October 20, 2008

'Tocktober for Derby and Frisky Fall

Today is Derby's Birthday, and the Cat Blogosphere is doing 'Tocktober for Derby! Here are my beautiful 'tocks as I am doing some final lizard hunting before fall turns to winter up here at our mountain house. I found out last winter they don't like cold too much...

I barely got an entry into the Simply Siamese Frisky Fall contest. Go check it out and vote for me!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Meezer Mancat Monday: Trouble Again

My goodness, getting to know this house without getting in trouble is exhausting! I've gotten very good at opening all the doors and cabinets. Dad thought I wouldn't be able to open the door going into the garage, as it is heavy and spring loaded. WRONG! Mom's first day at her new jobbie, and she had to stay late. Dad didn't expect her home to, like, almost midnight! So he went to get something to eat. He left through the garage, so of course I wanted to follow. I worked on that door, and finally got it open just enough to get through. I was just getting to exploring, when this terrible rumbly noise started, and the wall started moving up! There was the green machine, its eyes shinning bright, staring right at me! I froze and stared back. Then, out of it jumped Dad, he grabbed me and threw me in the green machine. He just made it back in the garage when the wall came down again! We just made it.

I got scolded as Dad went to the door to open it to get in the house. But it wouldn't turn. Dad said a bunch of words from the bad word list. He had left the house key inside the house. Somehow, as I worked the door, I managed to lock it as I went out (actually, Dad thinks Tara may have done it as she tried to come out after me, but she isn't telling). He sat down on the steps in front of the door, and said "Well, looks like we are stuck here till Mom gets home". That was like hours! I was going to starve! But Dad is like me, he is pretty cleaver, and was able to find some funny tools in the garage, and was able to pick the lock. We got in! Tara scolded me. Turns out, Mom got home around 8:30, and I acted like nothing had happened. But Dad told on me!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Finally Settling In

Kavan here.....when we woke up a week ago Wednesday, I discovered we were at the mountain house! HOW DID WE GET HERE???? I don't even remember....Tara kept saying something about aliens, green machines, and sleeping snuggled to the litter box, but I think she was hallucinating. It didn't matter, we were at the mountain house! But I just started to explore when the ALIENS CAME BACK! In that great big humongous space ship that took all of our stuff from our valley house! And then, Tara and I got imprisoned in the room above the garage. I tried and tried to break us out, but Dad somehow locked us in. But there was a great window where we could watch the aliens from down on the street. And you know what they were doing? They were bringing our stuff back! They must have been scared that me and Tara were going to go after them and give them the claws of death.

By afternoon, we were surrounded by all of our stuff, and all these boxes. And then the best part, Mom and Dad started opening them! Soon, there was all this cool, crinkly paper and empty boxes. It was so much fun! Mom kept yelling at me to get out of the way, but I didn't listen, there was just way too much cool stuff. By the end of the night, the mountain house started to feel like home. Both Tara and I slept in the bedroom with Mom and Dad and took turns on the bed. It was great.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What a long strange trip its been!

Wow, man, I must admit, a week ago yesterday (Tuesday) is like a psychedelic dream (er..nightmare). I vaguely remember Kavan and I waking up with Mom and Dad in a very bare bedroom with a strange mattress on the floor. We went downstairs, got some food, and then the door bell rang. THE ALIENS WERE BACK! I ran up to one, and sniffed his hand, and was going to protect us, but Mom imprisoned us again in the bedroom with the strange bed. Forever went by until we got let out. The aliens had taken all of our remaining stuff! But Mom and Dad seemed pretty calm, so we just chilled out.

Then it happened. I was grabbed by Mom, and the scruff of my neck pulled back, and Dad shoved this little pink pill down my throat! It happened so fast, I couldn't warn Kavan, who again was clueless. They got him next. Good thing they did me first, had I seen them doing that to Kavan, I would have been in the next county.

Then things were back to noooorrrrmalll.... hm....what is that spot on the wall, a bug? oooowwwww...the wall is moving...I can't quite walk... my legs keep crossing each other... Kavan? Kavan? You look a little funnnnyyy.... maybe I'll sit in the corner for a while.... wow...the corner is moving....what, what, we are going in the green ah..., look at those colors going by. Kavan, where are you, why are you snuggled against the litter box in the back seat? Are you snooring? Mom, where is your lap? Can I get in it, even if you are driving?

Oh, wow, the world is speeding by. Yes Kavan, you can share the seat with me...hmmm.... I'm getting sleepy, but I don't want to sleep... what a trip, those colors... sleepy...z....zzzzz

Where are we? All of a sudden, we were at the mountain home! I was so happy to get out of the green machine. So was Kavan! And I'm proud to say no major yaking or pooting in the green machine. We had been starved all day, and finally got some food. We all snuggled together in our mountain house bed went to sleep....what a trip!

Stay tuned. Final installment on Friday, Mom starts her new job today (Wednesday), so wont' be able to post again until Thursday night.