Friday, March 30, 2007

Photo Hunt 51: Water

Baby was the kitty before me. He just adopted Mom and Dad one day. Baby loved water. He would play in it more than drink it. He would always use his paw, putting it in the water, then sucking or licking the water off his paw.

Mom and Dad always kept the toilet seat lids down, because Baby would sit and play in the toilet for hours if they didn't. But he had a sixth sense for when one of them forgot to put the seat lid down! I know Mom and Dad love me very much, but they do miss Baby, who went to the bridge due to cancer when he was only 3 years old. I hope he gets to play in all the water he wants there!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Finally Friday

Its been a long, hard week. I'm so glad its Friday. Mom and I can be together all weekend! I wish everyone Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!


Latte tagged me for a fun meme. Here are Five Reasons Why I Blog:

1. Its a great way to express myself, and also show off (yes, I'm a bit of a ham....)

2. Its a fun thing to do with Mom

3. I learn so much from the other bloggin kitties, I mean, I found out about vishus deer, whirly birds, Temptations, PTUs, the proper way to be stuck up....

4. Sometimes, you can make a difference in the lives of other beans and kitties, even if it is just a nice purr...

5. I've met soo many cool friends!

OK, now I need to tag 5 others.



Jeter Harris

Daisy Mae Maus


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

So Mom finally came out of the talking box late last night. I was so happy to see her. Even though it was late, I wanted to play, I was so excited! And even though Mom was tired, she played with me! I asked her if she visited Chey while up in Seattle, but she said no, but she did get to Pike's Market and saw some great fish, and guys throwing it around! But she didn't bring me any home, which didn't make me very happy.

But I am happy she is home. There are just some things she does better than Dad (even though I really love Dad). Here are thirteen of them:

1. Clean the litter box. Dad thinks once a day is a lot, where as Mom does it at least twice.
2. Pick out food. Mom knows the kind of treats I like better, especially the stinky goodness, and prepares it better.
3. Shoulder rides. Dad just doesn't get this.
4. Walks. Another thing I just can't get Dad to do, although he likes to come out when Mom and I go for walks. I missed my friends the past few days.
5. Water. Mom always fills up a glass on the night stand for me. Dad always lets it go empty.
6. Bed snuggles. Dad often falls asleep on the couch, and as much as I try, I can't get comfortable there. Mom always sleeps in the big bed, which is plenty big for both of us.
7. Comfy chair. Mom always sits here and plays with me. Dad never does, so I sleep in it cause it smells like Mom.
8. Mom is a better conversationalist, and always talks to me.
9. Mom always remembers the Temptations, although sometimes she makes me work for them (like making me sit or beg, which I will do, hey, its Temptations!)
10. Hide and Seek. Mom plays this game great! Dad says he is too old (Mom sometimes complains about this too).
11. Mom always helps me blog and stay in touch with all my blogging friends, even when she is in the talking box
12. Play music. Dad plays whistle, which is OK, but I love the fiddle much more.
13. Cuddles. Mom just knows how to do this better!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

This past weekend, Mom and I played with my feather toy. I love my feather toy. First, I get ready to pounce...

Then I start the attack.....
I really give it the claw...
Then the full attack...
Mom's lap is a great place to do this from, too bad she is in the talking box right now...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Tummy Tuesday

Lots of kitties asked about the ferals who visited on Sunday. Mom doesn't know if they are a boy and a girl, cause she can't get close enough to tell, but she calls them Pretty Boy and Pretty Girl. Pretty Girl came and visited me through the window on Sunday. So I returned the visit that afternoon. Pretty Boy and Pretty Girl were under the big moving house, but only Pretty Girl wanted to visit. She was very nice and wanted to talk, and even showed me part of her tummy. But Mom won't let me get close enough to touch, cause she is not sure how healthy they are. So I do my patrols, and they watch me from under the big machines or in the neighbor's yard. I worry about them, cause I don't know who is really taking care of them.

Mom's gone into the little talking box again. This time she says she in Seattle. She tells me all these places she goes, but I think she is only going into that little box. She said she would come out of the box late Wednesday night. Dad is trying to switch me over from Nutro Natural Choice kitten food to Dick van Patten's Natural Balance Ultra premium. Mom also left some Fancy Feast flacked variety stinky goodness. I really don't like any of that pattie stuff, it is just goey and slimy! I like some body in my stinky goodness! Mom understands, she said good food is primarily presentation, and if it looks bad and the consistency is wrong, well, it just won't taste good!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Meezer and Midnight Monday

I've been making lots of great friends lately. This is Sammy, he lives up the street with Kelly. Kelly is Brook's mom, the little girl with the really cute pink bike who I get to go out and see and talk to almost every day. They live up at the very end of the cul-de-sac by the busy road that scares me. I've gone up to their yard a few times, but usually when I do my cul-de-sac patrols, I cross our street just before I get to Kelly's, Brook's and Sammy's house. But often there are little people and big people throwing a ball into a hoop thing they pull out into the street, and I like to watch them. But not get too close. Anyway, Sammy is a real sweety, and is nice to everyone. He has had his hoohaectomy and all his shots, so Mom lets me get close to him. Kelly adopted him as an adult, cause even though he was a real sweetheart, no one wanted him cause he was pure black and lots of folks were superstitious. Can you believe that? In fact, his original name was Midnight, but Brook wanted to call him Sammy. I wasn't real nice to Sammy the first time I met him, and tried to swat him with my paw. But he forgave me, and came and talked to me through the window. So I look for him every time I go outside.

Sunday Morning Visit

So, I thought I'd go over to my window sill to enjoy a quiet Sunday morning sitting in the sun and watching the cul-de-sac. And guess who was there? The neighborhood ferals! I think they were coming over for a Sunday visit. What a neighborly thing to do, don't you think? I've tried to make friends with them before when out on my harness, but Mom won't let me get too close. But this morning I actually got to go nose to nose. I tried to talk to her, I chirped, and gurgled, and pawed at the glass. She responded a little bit and tried to talk back. Her lazy sibbling just took over MY bench in the front yard. It was exciting and disturbing at the same time. I mean, I got a visitor! But that is my front yard! We finally just laid down on our respective side of the window and watched each other for a while. When her Sunday visit was over, I ran into the family room and jumped on Mom's lap and begged for her to take me outside. She said later. But I want to go out NOW! She said no, you don't want to overdo a nice Sunday visit. Plus, it is Sunday morning, and Mom's being lazy....

Friday, March 23, 2007

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Food Friday

All this talk about the pet food recall has made me think of all the things I've eaten besides cat food. I like to try lots of things, but, like a true Siamese, there are only a few things I like. So I thought I'd let other kitties know what I found to be worth trying, and stuff to stick your nose up at.

String Cheese. This is fun, Mom usually gives me little pieces, but I have a hard time getting ahold of it, so I dribble it across the floor before I actually eat it. And then I really chew it! I didn't get this whole piece, even though I wanted it.

Yogurt. I lick this off Mom's spoon. It gets on my nose and whiskers. Mom only gives me a little bit. Worth a try. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't.

Milk. Sometimes I get to lick the cereal bowl, but again, I only get a little bit. Pretty good.

Chicken. I mean the real stuff! I love this, its soft and easy to eat and cut up in little chuncks is wonderful.

Steak. Don't see what the fuss is all about. I can take it or leave it.

Cod. I love the cod that comes out of the middle of fish and chips. Mom or Dad will sometimes order an extra piece at the pub, bring it home, get rid of all that breading stuff, and give it to me.

Salmon. This is my current favorite. Both out of a can or left overs from dinner, I'm trying to figure out how to get more of this. Maybe learn how to fish.

Tuna. So far I've only tried the stuff in oil. Yuuck. Too greasy and slimy, stay away from it.

Cookies. I always beg for some of Dad's cookies, especially the sugar cookies. He is careful not to give me any chocolate, and I only get a crumb or two.

Pistachios. I don't really eat these, I lick the salt off the shell, then bat them under the rug.

Spiders. These are great! I eat all I can catch, even if it grosses Mom out.

Bees. I haven't actually eaten one of these yet, but I keep trying.....

Mom's threatening not to let me eat any pet food, now that she knows the industry is unregulated. But she is not sure about trying to make homemade food. And I do love my Nutro Natural Choice dry kitten food. But Mom doesn't want to support Menu Foods any more at all. Maybe I'll get more salmon.......

No Tnursday Thirteen today

What is it with humans? They leave every day early in the morning and don't come home until evening. Then they spend all of this time in the kitchen, then when they finally sit down, they are too tired to play? And sometimes, when they finally get home, they turn around and leave again! Don't they understand I've been waiting for them all day? Mom did take me out to see my neighbor friends a little last night, but then we came in and she left again and didn't get home till late. And Dad is no good at helping me blog. I tried to give him some ideas for Thursday Thirteen, but it was no use, he didn't undertand. Hopefully, Mom will help me tomorrow.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Tummy Tuesday

Well, you can't really see my tummy, this is really "laying on tummy tuesday". This is a great fuzzy scarf Mom got from the World Wildlife Fund for her annual membership. She thought that since I'm her local wildlife, I could have it. I like it a lot, it is fuzzy and cuddly.
Mom is furry worried about the cat food recall. I ate a lot of Iams that is on the recall list when I was a bit younger. Then I decided I didn't like it any more. Mom still had a few uneaten pouches. The plant number was right, but the date was earlier, so she is hoping the other stuff I ate also was OK. But she also gave me Nutro Max and Science Diet types that were all on the recall list, but I didn't like those too much either. Looks like that was a good thing. Mom freaked out last night cause I yaked up my food for the first time. But I think it was all the grass I ate when I snuck outside. Dad was so concerned he went down and bought me tuna, and salmon and sardines, all human food in a can. I didn't like the tuna as much as I like my Proplan flaked chicken. Right now that is not being recalled, but mom is still freaked out about any wet food. A local kitty died a few days ago from eating the recalled food. Good thing I like my dry crunchies the best.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Meezer Monday-Recovering from the weekend

Whew, what a St Patrick's weekend! Poor Mom, she is as worn out as I am, and she has to go to work! I get to just lay around and sleep! Of course, I'm not that worn out, cause she didn't play with me or take me out in my harness nearly enough. We did go a little on Sunday, and went all the way up to the busy street at the end of ours. But someone was making noise in his yard, and I got scared, and pulled Mom on the leash back to our yard. Mom lafed, she said I was a kitty on a mission! Then Dad unloaded all the equipment from St Patty's night out of the truck. I kept trying to get out in the front yard. Finally, he let me come out in the front yard WITHOUT MY HARNESS! It was soo neat. I was a pretty good kitty, and just roamed around in the flower bed where the bushes with the bees are. But then, when Dad wanted me to come back in, I burrowed into the bushes so he couldn't get me. This did not make Dad happy, but I wanted to stay outside. Then Mom tricked me. She came out calling my name in that particular way, shaking the Temptations bag. I mean, that is not fair! Of course I had to come. At least she gave me some Temptations.

And I got my virtual squillion! Meet Regal, isn't he the coolest cat? And in purple!

The Morning after the Night Before

Farewell to Irelan...

Mom and Dad came home really late last night! (Mom here, it wasn't that late, about midnight, we've been out much later on St Patrick's night before!). Well, it seemed really late to me cause I was all alone ALL night! Then when they did come home, they didn't want to play with me or anything. They complained of being tired and wanting to go to bed. I heard Mom tell Dad "Why do we do this every year, its always a bunch of noisey drunks who aren't listening to us anyway?". But Dad said "But I had several people come up to me and say how much they enjoyed the music". This made mom be quiet, and she said "Well, there was the guy who asked me if we had a CD, that made me feel pretty good".

I'm not sure I understand, they worked so hard all week getting ready, were real excited when they left, but came home tired and not that happy. Then they got up really late this morning, feeling a little groggy, and STILL NOT WANTING TO PLAY WITH ME! But they were feeling better. I sat on Mom's lap a bit while she helped me blog, she liked that. She had a customer take a few pictures. But no recording, as the pub was WAY too noisey. But she has some archieve music, the one above is her and a guitar friend at the same pub last christmas.

This is a nice picture of the whole band. Dad is all the way to the left, then Mom, then their good friends Steve and Bruce. Last night they called themselves Greenstone, a name they picked years ago when they first started playing together, but don't use too often anymore. Dad originally hated it, cause he said "There are no green stones in Ireland!" But then they went back to Ireland, and guess what? Connemara Marble is GREEN! Mom bought a broach that she sometimes wears when the play, and teases Dad.

This is a nice picture of Dad, Mom and Steve. They've been great friends for about 10 years now, playing music together. Steve is a good fiddle player, and an excellent DADGAD (what is that?) guitar player. Mom tells me that is a type of Irish tuning for the guitar. The paper on the floor is their set list, and it has my smell on it! As does the box on the other side of Dad (the one with the knobs and things).

Here is another picture of all of them. I like this picture because you can really see Mom's feet move. She moves a lot when she plays, it is really fun to watch.

This picture shows Mom being bossy, which she tends to be, and directing the group. She also usually is the mouth peice. She says someone needs to do it!

Keep Earl Grey in your thoughts

Saturday, March 17, 2007

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I'm not sure what all the fuss is about, but Mom and Dad are REALLY excited its St Patrick's day. Something about wearing green, drinking beer and playing music. Dad's third generation Irish and Mom's part Scottish, so they really get into this. I like it cause Dad brought out all this cool equipment he keeps saying he is going to take to the pub tonight. Mom practiced in the front room last night where all this stuff is, so I just had to check out the big box up on funny legs with all these knobs and stuff poking out.

Mom told me to get down. So I listened to her playing for a while. I really like her music.

I wanted to figure out how to do it myself, so I dug under the sheets of paper she was reading and writing on. She called it her music (I thought she was playing her music) and set list (is her music set on something?).

I just want to play along! She usually doesn't read music, as she plays mainly by ear. But she couldn't remember a few of the tunes on her set list, so needed a quick reminder. I think she should not work so much and play her fiddle more, then she would remember her muisic. I hope she has fun tonight. I asked her to take some pictures, even though neither Mom or Dad are good about doing that. And she might try to record them playing. I hope so, since I can't go.

I hope everyone has a great day! is your one stop myspace layout resource
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Thursday, March 15, 2007


In this case, it really does mean Thank Goodness Its Friday! Mom is worn out, and having to move her office and trying to get ready to perform on St Patrick's day, she hasn't had enough time to really help me blog. She did take me out today to see the little girls, who I had been watching all day through the window play in the round-ended street. We went out, and Mom had a glass of wine with her. I was watching the girls play with a tennis ball, every so often it came over to me and I got to bat it around. They were really nice. Then, it flew over and bounced by me, so I lunged for it to run after it, and yanked mom's hand that was holding her wine AND my leash! The wine went flying everywhere, then I got to smell it all over the street! It was pretty neat. Mom didn't think so..... Then I took Mom for a walk all around the street, almost to the end. And guess what? I found a bee crawling along the street, not even flying! I kept jumping on it, finally Mom stepped on it. Darn! Said hi to the ferals, then we went back in. It was a lovely day.

So I'm still trying to figure out what all this stuff is in the front room. Mom was too tired to try to use it. She said she wants to play her fiddle through it. I don't understand how she can get her fiddle through those little cords, let alone play it! Mom and Dad said its just going to be set up through Saturday, then they are going to take it all down to the pub. But they aren't taking me! Darn again!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Tara's Celtic Namesakes

Mom got out of the talking box! She got home late last night, but had enough energy left to give me love and play with me. I really wanted to be played with, it was so nice to play with Mom. While she was in the talking box, she did some research on my name. I knew Mom and Dad named me after the Celtic Tara. Tara is a goddess and heroine in legends and myths of many cultures, which is why I’m Tara, Princess Meezer. But Tara is both the name of a goddess, and the name of a place in Ireland. Since it’s almost St Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d post 13 interesting facts about my Celtic namesakes that Mom found for me.

1. The Druids called their mother goddess Tara; Edain Echraidhe is her Irish name.

2. Her home is the high valley between the Hill of Tara and Skryne in the Royal City of Celtic Ireland.

3. A motorway is being planned to go through the middle of this valley, generating some local opposition.

4. The Hill of Tara, (known as Teamhair na Rí, or the "Hill of the Kings" in Irish), was once the ancient seat of power in Ireland, reputed to have been the seat of the Árd Rí Éireann or High King of Ireland.

5. In ancient Irish religion and mythology, Tara was the sacred place of dwelling for the gods, and was the entrance to the otherworld.

6. The Hill of Tara was the capital of the Tuatha Dé Danann, pre-Celtic dwellers of Ireland.

7. It was the seat of the kings of Ireland until the 6th century, and to a lesser extent this role extended until the 12th century. A grave was found near the hill that is supposedly that of King Lóegaire, who was said to be the last pagan king of Ireland.

8. Atop the hill stands a stone pillar that was the Irish Lia Fáil (Stone of Destiny) on which the High Kings of Ireland were crowned, the stone was required to roar three times if the chosen one was a true king.

9. At one time, it was a capital offense to make a fire within sight of Tara.

10. Saint Patrick is said to have come to Tara to confront the ancient religion of the pagans at its most powerful site.

11. One interpretation of the name Tara says that it means a "place of great prospect", it’s claimed that on a clear day half the counties of Ireland can be seen from atop Tara.

12. Early in the 20th century a group of Israelites came to Tara with the conviction that the Arc of the Covenant was buried there.

13. A new theory suggests Tara was the ancient capital of the lost kingdom of Atlantis.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Worried Wednesday

I think I'm in trouble with Mom and Dad....Mom is still in the little talking box. She wanted to talk to me last night. But Dad is doing some really COOL stuff in the front room. He has brought out all of this new stuff he had stashed in his cave. (He never lets me go in there except in the early morning after he wakes up from sleeping on the couch and goes in and smokes up the room. It the only room he can do this in. I come down from sleeping with Mom and get some lap time). Any way, there are these gnormous boxes that he puts up on stilts. I tried to jump on them and check them out, but Dad yelled about putting a paw through a speaker. Hey, he was yelling, not speaking! Then he brought out all of these wires that go from these big boxes to a smaller box with knobs and dials. He kept mumbling about mixing, mixing what, wires? Oh, but those wires were coated with plastic, and so great to chew on. This is when the little talking box rang and Mom started talking from it. But I wanted to chew on the wires, and check out the mixing box, and put my paws through the speaking box, so I just couldn't make time for the talking box! I think I really hurt Mom's feelings, and Dad just kept threatening to lock me in the laundry room. Yeesh, I have to inspect this stuff! Dad kept saying he and Mom needed it to play music through all this stuff on St Patrick's day, and he didn't need my help setting it up... hummph...we will see...

Lots of kitties asked about my tube. Dad got it for me at PetCo, its called a Claw Pals Kitty Cruiser. Every kitty should have one!
Claw Pals Kitty Cruiser

Monday, March 12, 2007

Tummy Tuesday: Summer Salts for Skeezix

I'm SOOO happy Skeezix is feeling better! It made me run and jump in one of my favorite toys, my tube! Mom lafed and said I was doing summer salts. I was a little confused, as it is not quite summer (although it was over 80 degrees today!), and I'm not salty, so I'm not sure what she was talking about. I love to twist and turn in my tube, and try to attack my feather toy. This shows a good shot of my tummy, and that most of my fur has grown back after my lady surgery...

I also like to run and jump in it, especially if my feather toy is hiding in it. Mom told me not to put this video on, as I've had too many videos lately, and its not the best quality, but it shows how happy I am that Skeezix is feeling better.

Mom just got a new Mac laptop that she uses to help me blog. Now she wants a better video camera, cause her little digital camera just takes these low quality 20 second bits, that she has to put together to make a longer video. Dad is just shaking his head.....

Any suggestions on what makes a good video camera for bloggin' kitties appreciated

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Meezer Monday: Musings, Mousee and Movie

Mom is away. Skeezix is sick. So I've been a little sad and wistful. You realize cute posts and winning contests aren't everything, its the great kitties and their wonderful humans that make the cat blogosphere such a great place. And it is the relationships we make and nuture that get us through the tough times. Get well soon Skeezix, and hurry back Mom, we need you both home!

But hey, I'm a cat, and I can't be wistful all the time, and St Patrick's is just around the corner. So in honor of that, I got out my green mousee to play with. My good friend Jan who lives on the way to our mountain house where the vishus deer are gave it to me when we stopped by on the way home last time. It is soft and has a great smell.

And its green, so it makes a good St Patrick mousee. Too bad the cats couldn't run all the mice out of Ireland, kind of like the snakes. Mom helped me put together a little St Patrick's movie of me and my mousee, so I could get into the mood for the real event.

And I'm sorry if I can't get around to as many bloggies this week as I'd like, its hard to do when Mom is on travel. But we will catch up the end of the week!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sunday Meetings

Mom's getting ready to go to another "meeting" in Washington DC. She has to fly out early Sunday morning, so I don't even get a whole weekend with her! And we already lose an hour! I don't know who she has to keep meeting, I mean, hasn't she already met them? So I was whining yesterday, so she took me outside to do some meeting of my own. Our little round-end street was buzzing with meetings, as it was such a nice day. First, I had to survey the attendance.
Then I met some of the neighborhood girls who where out on their pink bikes. They looked really cute, and I loved watching them ride on their bikes. They went around and around and around, like a big toy. They were nice, they just watched me, and didn't try to come over and pick me up or anything. They didn't seem too sticky to me, but then, they didn't try to touch me. I really wanted to play with them, but couldn't quite do it, I'd walk up and watch, then go back to my yard.

I'm becoming quite the neighborhood celebrity. I mean, hey, haven't you ever seen a cat on a leash? Jeesh. Then I met the neighborhood feral kittens. We just sort of stared at each other. Mom wouldn't let me get too close, as she's not sure how healthy they are. Mom's been talking to some of the neighbor ladies who she thinks are feeding them, to convince them to take them to the vet to get their surgeries, along with some of the other ferals in the neighborhood that are also getting fed. So far, she hasn't had any luck. There is a local TNR group Mom is going to try to get the neighborhood involved with.
Then we came in and I had to help Mom pack. I layed all over her black suit jacket. I knew she would want some of my light colored hair that I am shedding to remember me by. She said she would help me blog while in that little talking box, we will see. Back to depending on Dad...

Getting Ready for St Patrick!

Mom's getting furry excited. Next Saturday is St. Patrick's day! She gets to play her fiddle a lot, and actually get paid for it! Last night she pulled out a hat a fan gave her last year when she was playing at the local pub. Its green and furry, and I tried to rip it apart...

(Yes, boys, that is a pistachio! I love playing with them, I bat them around the house, I jump on them, I lick them, I bite them...getting excited yet?)

Here is a picture of mom playing from last year. She will be at the same place this Saturday. She is a bit worried about practicing, though. She is flying to DC again tomorrow, and won't be back till Wednesday. Fortunately, she and her band mates have played together like a gazillion years, so they will just play what they know. I'm glad Mom gets to play. Everyone should have something they can play at, a good lesson they can learn from their kitties.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Frootbat (sort of ) Friday

So I know I'm not really a frootbat, but this a great picture of my ear. And yes, it is warm enough here for Mom to wear shorts.

I had a neat visitor to my bloggie yesterday, her name is Celfyddydau. She had this great video of Nora, the Piano-Playing Cat. Some of you may have already seen this, but I loved it so much I had to post it here. Nora apparently began playing the piano on her own. Now she plays even when she is alone in the room. She really enjoys playing duets with a student playing on the second piano. She is really good, and I hear she has been accepted into Juliard's special program for cat prodigies. I'm SOOO jealous! I love watching and listening to Mom playing fiddle, and curling up in her fiddle case, but I can't actually imagine PLAYING it! But think about it, the cat and the fiddle!

Oh, and I'm happy to report that when Skeezix's pink toenails gave out on the wall, he fell on Mao. When Rocky the Gutter Cat finally allowed the rescuers in, they found Mao recuperating in the tunnel box, and Skeezix wandering around mumbling about pink neuticals.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Whats not on the news

I like to watch TV alot. Dad leaves the TV on basically 24/7, it drives Mom crazy. But it keeps me company during the day when Mom and Dad are at work. Mom does like to watch the news. We were watching it today, and I found they just don't give me the news I want. Here are thirteen things I didn't hear on the news today:

1. The latest study on the safety of neuticals.
2. How the latest drug bust at the border might impact the supply of nip.
3. How Chey's campaign to make it on the ballot is progressing given the large financial resources obtained by her opponents from big dog businesses.
4. The state of the gattorista's battle with the meezer's for world domination, Luna is being kept in an undisclosed location in the forest (we only thought she was lost).
5. The security plans for Chey's and Latte's wedding, given the media interest.
6. How global warming is impacting the climate in Germany and the governments plans to keep the Sphynxs warm.
7. Current crash test results on strollers.
8. Details on the Skeezix's rescue off the wall after climbing too high and his pink toenails giving out, rescuers are having are hard time getting past Rocky the Gutter cat.
9. Why the price of stinky goodness is going up without a clear decline in supply of raw materials. Don't believe the stinky goodness distributers when they say the producers on the coast are under increasing regulations.
10. What the government is doing to protect kitties from the big lizards living in the water behind Daisy's house.
11. How current DNA and cathropological research clearly show Kimo and Jeter Harris share a ancestor who was once a slave to the Egyptians, forced to hunt mice in the graineries.
12. Progress of legislation making its way through Congress making afternoon naps mandatory after research showing clear health benefits, as every cat knows.
13. Efforts by lawyers working pro bono to spring the ChippenDudes from the county jail when a store clerk thought they were shop lifting when found going through bags of pistachios and brazil nuts.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Wackin' it Wednesday

Dad loves to have a fire in the fireplace during the winter. But he is a lazy builder, and so buys the premade logs he can just put in the fireplace and light (now you know why I love him). It means we have all these cool boxes around. And Dad, the genius that he is, turned one into a tunnel box almost as neat as Skeezix's (it was certainly cheaper). And we were being "environmentally sensitive" (never mind all that carbon we sent up the chimney). But, he made it a little more challenging. First, the entry hole is a bit small, so I usually need to size it up (laying down, of course, again, being lazy)....

After sizing it up, I squeeze in

And from this vantage point, I can attack the feather toy without being seen (of course, as I can't see my tail, no one else can either)

Sometimes, I can really get a hook in! Here is a short video of me playing in my box, I tried the ignore it for a minute trick...and was really able to get that toy!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Tired and Tummy (sort of) Tuesday

Its been so busy the last few days, with yard patrols and spider hunting, that I needed a day off. I was so tired, I decided to just lay down and eat, my favorite purple bear watching. Its almost as good a breakfast in bed, but for some reason, humans have a thing about eating on the floor, but not eating in bed. If they only knew of the things crawling around in bed..and when was the last time they changed the sheets, anyway?

So after my lazy meal, I lazed around in my favorite chair. Gave me time to contemplate the last few days. I'm showing my tummy a little, my hair almost grown back and my lady bits not showing any more. Am I still attractive? Should I really think about getting lady implants, given that all the boy cats are a buzz about their nooticals? Are we escalating a gender competition here? Haven't we recently learned that beauty and looks aren't everything? But then again, since none of us can really "go all the way", maybe fussing about our looks is not such a bad thing. Just think of it, 8 (not six! haha, I can't count) jugs to drive the boy cats nuts. Hmmm...I guess my lady surgery didn't completely eliminate those teenage hormones...

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Meezer Monday: Hunting Technique

Meezers are well known for being excellent hunters. For example, Latte is the house hunter in his family. As I've been maturing, I've been trying to hone my technique. There have been a few bumps, especially with bees. But I was starting to get the hang of it with my stuffed CEC. So I kept practicing. A recent class at Siam U really helped. Mom gave me this really cool National Geographic tarantula for Christmas. I was still pretty young then, and was a bit scared of it. It mostly would just lay there, but every so often it would come alive and walk across the kitchen floor (Mom was always there when it did this, holding this funny bulb thing with a wire coming out of it, she must have been waking it up). I passed my class by working with the tarantula, so I thought I'd pass along a few hunting technique tips.

First, spot your prey, laser eyes help....
then, just gently play with it, tease it a little so it doesn't feel threatened....
give it a few rabbit kicks to show it who is boss....
then walk away and ignore it for a while, it will think it is out of the woods.....
just when it is breathing a sigh of relief, come back and give it a few more swats...
let it think it might be getting away, then....

Give it the death bite!

Hmm... it lost a pincher. Mom found it under the table and put it back together. I thought I had dispatched of that tarantula, but later, it was moving again! Guess I might need some more practice.