Monday, February 23, 2009

Meezer Mancat Monday Returns!

Tara and I went to Billy Sweetfeets party on Saturday. Boy it was fun! We got to see many of our furriends we haven't seen in like forever! I got to walk on the ceiling with Billy and Simon. Tara made a fool of herself, she had too much to drink, and even called Tipper a mancat! I made her slow down, and she was able to join all of us in the Meezer 500! There was so much rediwhip we slid around in that we couldn't tell who won! I decided I had to come home and work out with my tube, to be ready for the next party. Tara came home and slept it off.....

Friday, February 20, 2009

Furlough Friday

Hi EveryCat! Thanks for not forgetting us! Mom has not been very good, obviously, at keeping her New Year's resolution. But I guess we forgive her. We love it up here at our mountain house. Its been a pretty mild winter, so we get to go out a lot, and there hasn't been much snow. Mom says we won't have any water to drink this summer, but hey, that is a long ways away! Mom drives up to the big lake every day for work. But this month she got two extra Friday's off. We loved that, although Mom grumbled something about not having enough green papers to buy our crunchies. But at least for now we have some. Dad is home every day with us, and takes us out and pampers us. Life is good!