Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen reasons why every kitty should be part of the cat blogosphere:

1. You learn how to protect yourself from vishus deer.
2. You can be involved in Superbowl Sunday by watching Kimo and Sabi, even if you don't understand it.
3. You can expand your mind by entering all the cool contests, which are fun even if you don't win.
4. You can watch love blossom between kitties...Skeezix and Daisy... Latte and Cheysuli..
5. You can send all of you positive kitty energy to kitties in need when they are hurty, and tell them how much you care.
6. They send you all their energy to make you feel better when you are hurty.
7. You get to learn how to say litter box in German (Katzentoilette).
8. You get to see parts of kitties you don't normally get to see (ear hair, toe jam, squishy bellies).
9. You learn to control your urjes when you see these parts.
10. You can experience snow and ice without actually touching it.
11. You learn about cool toys you can pester your beans to get you.
12. You can watch a much more interesting election campaign.
13. You end up with friends all over the world!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Monday, January 29, 2007

Tummy Tuesday

So I'm showing off my shaved belly. The stretch feels SOO good. Its surprising how much fur they need to shave off to make such a little cut! You can just make out my incision (click on the pic to make it bigger, then you can really see it), it is healing really nice. Interesting enough, I have NO outside stichees (I do have some inside stitchees, which was why I wasn't suppose to jump for five days, which I promptly ignored...). They actually glued my belly back together! I thought you only used glue on paper, and it was something Mom yelled at you not to lick. In fact, she still yelled at me not to lick it. Dad said he could have done a better job gluing my belly back together, that it looked like they didn't get it quite even. But I think it looks just fine, and plus, once my fur grows back, you'll never see it. But right now, I have a peach fuzz belly! And I'm also a little embarrassed that you can see some of my other girly parts. I feel a bit that naughty?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Meezer Monday

Spring is on its way! I got to put my meezer exploratory skills to good use yesterday, and go out in the front yard, it was great fun! My tummy was healed enough, and the harness didn't go down so far, so it didn't bother me. Lots of smells, warm sunshine, and best of all, BUGS!

This purple bushy thing (I think Mom called it a Lavendar bush..isn't that just another word for purple?) had lots of flying, buzzy bugs. I kept trying to catch them. Mom warned me if I got one it might sting me on the nose (is that the same as bite?), but I wasn't afraid. Sigh, I didn't get one though.

Ahhh.....sunshine and green things! I even got to eat some of that green stuff you see on the ground. Not as nice as nip, but pretty good! This is my yard, and I'm a Meezer Princess!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Watching the Silver box

So, the photohunter's theme today is Silver. While not the best quality photo, this pic shows me expanding my horizons by watching the Discovery Channel on the big Silver Box. Mom and Dad keep it on for me while they are at work. I'm getting so smart (although its hard to improve on the innate inteligence of meezers in general), I going to work on my MzD (Doctor of Meezology), which I'll probably award to myself.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Frootbat Friday (honorary)

Ok, so I'm not as frooty as some, but Luxor and Skeezix both said I qualify, so I guess I get to be an honorary frootbat.

The other night, Mom and I were playing with my orange-feather fishing pole toy. We were having so much fun, and Mom lafed so hard, and then I heard another kitty! Mom was hiding one, I was convinced! Even though Mom tried to tell me there was no other kitty, and that she made the hissing noise through her teeth when she lafed, I didn't believe her. It sounded just like another kitty! I just knew there was a kitty, so I got my laser beam eyes and I looked real hard. Since the kitty wasn't in Mom's chair, I went up the stairs to the kitchen.

Then I looked some more. I got nice and big and fluffy so the other kitty was sure to know who was in charge. Mom just kept lafin', and I kept hearing the other kitty! I looked in the kitchen, but couldn't find it! So, I just turned tail right on Mom and let her know what I thought about her hiding the kitty!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen reason to be nice to your vet place even if you don't want to:

1. You get a lot more of the worker bees hovering around you cooing how cute you are if you aren't trying to claw their eyes out
2. You get more treats offered to you if the worker bees know they can keep their fingers
3. Your mom isn't embarassed by the triple astrick star on your chart after she finds out what it means
4. The energy you save from not fighting the cold thing that is in an unspeakable place in your behind can be used playing with the great new toy Mom bought you for being so good
5. You don't have to get pooked with that sharp metal thing multiple times because they never had a chance to hit the right spot, which kept moving out from under them
6. You don't have the worker bees threatening to feed you to the woofies
7. You get to act cool, regal and superior in front of those slobbering woofies
8. By putting up with the poke of that sharp metal thing, you get to play with other kitties in the yard without worry of taking home one of those bugs that you can't see or eat
9. If they happen to do something to you that makes you hurty later on, you get to take these major cool drugs that can make you feel better than nip (I'm still bouncing off the walls from the Metacam)
10. You get out of there a lot faster, and back to your favorite wand toy
11. If the vet tech doesn't need a blanket to put you back in your carrier, he may give you a tasy treat when he is done
12. If you have to spend the night, you get special sympathy with quiet, pathetic crys vs psycho kitty howls...which again may lead to better treats

And finally

13. Remember, they want you to be heathy, fit and full of vim and vigor, no matter what indignities they might be subjecting you to

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Of kids and kitties

Its so nice to be home. I gave the vet tech a bit of a hard time when he went to get me to put me in my box (I love my box, I use it at home as a safe place). He had to use a blankee as I was a bit aggressive. Not really like me. But it was so nice to see Mom and Dad. I was starvin when I got home, but I wobbled a bit walking around. I got a little bit of Whiskas, a few crunchies, and some nice warm evaporated milk. But best of all, Dad gave me a few Temptations! Now, I didn't get as much of all of this as I wanted, just a taste. But it was enough. My tummy is really sore, and Dad and Mom could tell I was having some trouble, so I got some pain medicine, it made be feel better, but sleepy and woozy.

So I'm on Mom's lap feeling a bit contemplative. Mom tells me the reason for the operation today was so I couldn't have any baby kitties. This makes me a bit sad, I think I would make a good kitty mom. But Mom says there are so many baby kitties in the world, and not every one gets a nice forever home. Sometimes, when I'm looking out the patio door into the backyard, I see kitties crossing the yard. Who knows if they have a forever home or not. Its sad.

Mom and Dad also decided not to have any baby humans. They said there are also many baby humans in the world, and that not all of them get wonderful homes, or all the nice things other baby humans get. There just is not enough to go around. This makes Mom sad sometimes, she also thinks she would have made a good mama. But like helping the ferals in the neighborhood, Mom knows she makes a difference when she helps young people in her science lab at work. There are ways to make a difference without having kids or kitties. Mom is at peace, and so am I.

Update on Tara's "operation"

Tara's mom here. The animal hospital just called, and Tara is doing just fine after her girl kitty operation. She is recovering, and we can pick her up when we get home early this evening. Thanks all of you for your purrs, kind thoughts, and good energy!

Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm NOT likin' this!

I'm starvin, do you hear me? STARVIN! To begin with, Dad stayed home from work today. That was really nice.....we layed around and slept and stuff...what more could you ask? But he didn't keep an eye on my crunchie bowl. When Mom came home from work, it was emtpy. Did you hear me? EMPTY!! So she gave me a little bit, and then she gave me some of my favorite tasty little morsels, Whiska's Tender Bites! Then I even got some TEMPTATIONS! I was starting to feel pretty good. Since I had a little more energy now, I screamed through the house, jumping on my tube, attacking my mouse, playing hide an seek with Mom (Dad doesn't play this so well...). But then......just when it seemed better....all my food went away. And this after I ran out today. Can you imagine? Just when I needed it most! Don't you understand, I worked it all off..... I need MORE! I might as well curl up in my tube, and try to conserve myself....Mom is trying to comfort me....telling me its just for a little while. She is lying....its going to be forever.... like all tonight and all tomorrow!

And now I'm getting a little scared. Thanks everyone for telling me it will be alright... they do these girl kitty operations all the time, but I'm still a little scared. I think I'll cuddle with Mom, even if she hasn't given me any food....

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Meezer Monday!

So, here I am, doing what any good meezer does, check out everything in the house to give approval. This is Mom's fiddle case. She plays Celtic fiddle, mainly Irish and Scottish stuff. I don't know what that is, but I like it. She often plays in the livin' room on this big, oversized chair, and she sits on the edge, so she clears the chair's arms, so her arms don't hit them. This give me lots of room to 1) chase my tail behind her (my favorite), 2) sit beside her and try to catch her arm as it moves this stick thing across these funny metal strings, 3) sit on top of the back of the chair and ajudicate (I think that means judge), or 4) sit quietly on her lap and listen to the wonderful sounds coming out of that funny shaped wooden box.

Mom loves playing her fiddle. But she love me more. The night she and Dad first picked me up, Mom had a rehearsal for a big Christmas show. But they had to go way out in the country to get me, and Mom was a good hour late! Dad took care of me that first night (why I love Dad, although I don't show it too well sometimes). Sometimes I think I'm part Manx (did you know they are Irish? Well, Isle of Man should be considered part of Ireland) or Scottish fold, since I like listen to Mom play. Once, when I was still really little, Dad took me down to this place were Mom was playing (called a pub, sounds like pup, but there were no woofies, and they drank this funny brown liquid stuff). He tucked me in his jacket, and when he sat down at the table with all Mom and Dad's friends, I poked my little head out and said hi. Of course, everyone said how cute I was!

Checking out Mom's fiddle case helped me forget what is coming up on Tuesday. My "operation". No food for 24 hours, how will I survive?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ice Hockey II

So I'm having a grand time with my ice cube last night. First, a right paw sent it screaming across the kitchen floor, I could barely keep up. My back legs overtook my front legs when I tried to corner around the kitchen table as fast as the ice cube slid under it (note...cats cannot run as fast as ice cubes can slide), and I cornered on my butt.... BUT I caught that cuby and sent it flying onto the carpet. Now, I can keep up with an ice cube on carpet, and really let it have it. So I chased it down the hall way into the bathroom where my litter box is kept. Then, sigh, the fun stopped. Now, I'm really good about covering up my business when I get use the box (unlike some kitties who will remain nameless... Mao...), but I get a little over enthusiastic. Which means litter flys like a dust storm in Texas when I use the little girls room. Anyway, so when I wrasseled that cube into the bathroom, it became a litter cube.... eww and yuck. Mom was grossed out. But one advantage to litter on the floor when you are playing ice hockey....once it melts, you have a nice clump just to toss!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Am I a frootbat?

Oh, I so wanna be a meezer frootbat! Now, I'm not a "Modern" or even an "Applehead" meezer, but more of a "Classical" meezer. Is that good enough? I'm pretty long and tubular, but my face is not really a "wedgehead". What do you think?

Above, I have my adult, thoughtful look on. I don't really look like this normally. To get rid of that funny eye shine in pictures, Mom makes the camera flash bright before it takes a picture, which hurts my eyes, and causes me to partially close them. This is what I really look like. Oh, and those are Mom's legs covered by a blankee I'm on.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Frozen water

This is one of my favorite toys! There is this big silver box in the kitchen that is cold when Mom opens it (I still try to get it in). Its got a black hole in the door that Mom and Dad stick a glass in and it makes a very neat crunchy noise. It always makes me come running to check it out. Every so often, Mom or Dad would drop one of these cool toys. Its like the water in my water dish, but hard and cold! And it slides really neat on the kitchen floor. I like to run after it, and every so often stop and lick it, it is so nice and cool. But it gets smaller and smaller as I play with it, and pretty soon it doesn't slide so well. But I still love it. Now, I always wait patiently for Mom or Dad to give me one if they put the glass in the door and make the crunchy noise. Its so much fun! Mom said it is frozen water called ice. She said she saw something similiar, called snow (like fluffy frozen water and white instead of clear) on the way to work this morning on Mt. Diablo. Apparently, this mountain hardly ever gets this white stuff, so Mom was pretty impressed, but it was gone when she came home tonight. I don't care, I just want to make sure to get my frozen water to play with.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tummy Tuesday

So Mom got to work at home today, so that means I don't have to wait for her to get home to blog a bit. This is me at our other house over the holidays. Mom tells me its in the mountains, what ever that is. We get in this big green mini house that shakes and moves. It has windows, but unlike the windows at our main house, stuff MOVES outside these! Mom and Dad just sit there, looking out at the moving stuff, for what seems like FOREVER. I have my carrier (which I use to sleep in at our main house), food, water and a small litter box, so it is like a house, but did I tell you it MOVES? Then, it stops, and we get out and go into our "mountain" house. I really like this house, it is big, with not much in it, and I can run and run. There are lots of neat things to look out the window at, like rabbits and chipmunks and hawks and things (haven't seen any vishus deer yet, but Mom says they are out there). As you can see in the picture, I have lots of toys. There are great big windows that bring in lots of sunny places to sleep. But these windows aren't covered, and they scare me a little bit at night. But I have Mom and Dad, so everything is OK.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Thanks everyone for the overwhelming welcome to the cat blogosphere! Mom and I have had fun today figuring out how to add cool stuff to our blog (check out my aristocratic title!) and reading all of your blogs. Thanks Skeezik and all his contributors to the Cat Blog help center, we used it a lot today. I'm chasing my tail a bit to keep up! But I've always liked chasing my tail... Good thing Mom had today off.... but she goes back to work tomorrow, sigh....


I'm SOO excited! Mom said I could try out this blogging thing. She is concerned that, as a teenager, I might not have attention span to keep it up, but I promised to try! I was so excited I just couldn't sleep this morning. I kept snuggling into Mom's face, and giving her my paw love pats to get her to wake up. She has today off, so she wanted to sleep in. Then I burrowed under the covers (a trick I learned from Kaze's blog) and made biscuts on her tummy and purred REALLY loud. She finally got the message and got up. She told me most days she won't be able to help blog until evenings after work, so for those of you on the East Coast, you may not see my posts till the next day. But she told me she would try to get them out sooner.

These are Dad's shoes. I LOVE the way they smell! I rub myself all over them, and play in them. When I was smaller, I could almost fit completely in them! Now, I can only get my head into them. But I can still smell them. I love Dad, he buys me lots of toys and gives me Temptations!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Still learning....

So I'm experimenting with this blogger thing....Mom is trying to help me figure it out. I'm curled up on her lap supervising, while she scratches her head...hey, how about scratching mine?