Sunday, April 1, 2007

Vacuum cleaner contest!

5 minutes for mom is giving away a new Dyson Vacuum cleaner! Now, I for one hate vacuums. But I'm shedding, and mom would really like a good one. This one sounds really cool, 'cause its light and manuverable. Called a Dyson Slim. Maybe that will let Mom finish faster. I just hope it can't get into my hiding spot.

So, head over to 5 minutes for mom and enter, then add a link to your site to spread the word. But do it by April 4 at 1 pm eastern time. Thanks Kimo and Sabi and Bonnie Underfoot for letting me in on this!

1 comment:

Bonnie Underfoot said...

I'm a little worried about vacuum monsters, too, but with the clutter around here, they can hardly do any vacuuming.