Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Of kids and kitties

Its so nice to be home. I gave the vet tech a bit of a hard time when he went to get me to put me in my box (I love my box, I use it at home as a safe place). He had to use a blankee as I was a bit aggressive. Not really like me. But it was so nice to see Mom and Dad. I was starvin when I got home, but I wobbled a bit walking around. I got a little bit of Whiskas, a few crunchies, and some nice warm evaporated milk. But best of all, Dad gave me a few Temptations! Now, I didn't get as much of all of this as I wanted, just a taste. But it was enough. My tummy is really sore, and Dad and Mom could tell I was having some trouble, so I got some pain medicine, it made be feel better, but sleepy and woozy.

So I'm on Mom's lap feeling a bit contemplative. Mom tells me the reason for the operation today was so I couldn't have any baby kitties. This makes me a bit sad, I think I would make a good kitty mom. But Mom says there are so many baby kitties in the world, and not every one gets a nice forever home. Sometimes, when I'm looking out the patio door into the backyard, I see kitties crossing the yard. Who knows if they have a forever home or not. Its sad.

Mom and Dad also decided not to have any baby humans. They said there are also many baby humans in the world, and that not all of them get wonderful homes, or all the nice things other baby humans get. There just is not enough to go around. This makes Mom sad sometimes, she also thinks she would have made a good mama. But like helping the ferals in the neighborhood, Mom knows she makes a difference when she helps young people in her science lab at work. There are ways to make a difference without having kids or kitties. Mom is at peace, and so am I.


Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Tara, glad to hear that you are home and doing well. Sorry to hear that your tummy is sore, but I'm sure it will feel better soon. You are very lucky you were given food when you came home - I had to starve until the next morning!

Yes, there are too many cats without good forever homes. It makes my humans very sad, but unfortunately my dad is allergic to cats (except for Sphynx) so we can't adopt any and give them good homes. My humans have also chosen not to have any human kittens. Which means more attention for me!

Sending lots of positive healing vibes your way! I hope you are feeling back to yourself very soon!

LZ said...

I'm sorry you're hurty Tara! Do you have some Metacam? That's what they gave me for pain and it helped a lot. Kaze wasn't hurty at all after her surgery but we meezers are very sensitive to pain (that's why I don't have to have any more vaccines).

Your mom is very wise about the abundance of kitties and children. We too are a child free family, we just have animals and are happy that way. Sounds like our moms would get along pretty well!

Love, Latte

Catzee said...

Hiya Tara! Ya looks almos' as big as me! I'm a teenager kitty too. Fank you fur visitin' my bloggie. I added you to my linkie collection.



I am happy happy happy that yu are home and efurryfing is behind yu noows! Yur Mommie is rite, there are so many kitties wifout Mommies and Daddies. She is furry wise and so are yu.


Victor Tabbycat said...

You look furry comfy there, Tara. If yur Mom efur wants to borrow an 11-year old boy, jus let us know :-)

Affer my teef were cleaned, I saw 8-legged purple mousies climbin the walls. It was a bit like nip, but... I's glad yur home an feelin good.

Forty Paws said...

We ist glad dat u is back home snugglin wid yur mom. She is a very wise bean. You'll be back to racin' round the howse in no time. And ice hockey!!! Go, team go!!!
Yur operashun will also prevent you from havin mammary cancer wen you git old.
We agree. Der are WAY too many unwanted poodies, woofies, and baby beans in da world. And not enuf resources to go round. Owr beans not haf no baby beans neifer. Maw used to haf a t-shirt dat sed "Humans should be fixed!" Tee hee.
Purrs, hedbutts and positive energy.
Luf, Us

Tara said...

Latte, yes, I did get some Metacam, it made me feel much better. I'm not suppose to jump up on beds and chairs, but I keep doing it anyway.

It was nice getting some food, not having crunchies in my bowl made me very upset. So I got to eat, and I didn't even get sick!

"Humans should be fixed"...hehe, good one.

Daisy said...

PIXIE here (Daisy's sister)
Tara, you are home! Yay for you.

We also have no kids in our fambly, just cats! Very wise.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Hi, Tara, so glad you're back at home. Hope by now you are feeling really great.

Gemini said...

Oh Tara, we are glad you are home and doing well.

Cheysuli says hello too but she doesn't have a blogger account.

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

My Meowm can't have any little beans either and I can't father any little kittens. While it can be sad as you said....it is alos better to give the homeless a home or offer them help in another way.

Two paws up to your Mom for helping the ferals and the beans!

Lux said...

I'm glad you're home, Tara, and I hope you feel much better very soon! Sometimes I wish I could have fathered kittens, too, but it's true there are so many unwanted kitties in the world!